TBT: Avengers Headquarters…I mean, The Sainsbury Centre

I was so excited to see the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts in Avengers: Age of Ultron I think I squeed a little too loud for a theater (I’m sure someone wondered why the crazy lady was so excited about such a quiet part of the movie).

I spent about two weeks staying in the nearby Constable Terrace in 1996. I’m sad now that I never found time to actually go inside the gallery, but I did spend some time wandering around the grounds.


Norwich0006There aren’t actually any mountains in the background like there are in the movie, just more buildings on the University of East Anglia campus. I did like the idea of that view, though.

In reality if you look in the other direction, there is a lake and some nice trees nearby (and beyond the trees, my happy place!). It really is a pretty campus and I loved wandering around there during my stay.