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It’s Friday! Hope you’re as excited as this dog is

This is such fun to watch. I’d strap a GoPro camera to my Pomeranian, but I’m afraid the resulting video would make us all dizzy.

Run Walter, RUN!!

Here’s another view:

Walter is at it again

In a way, Walter is all of us, running to the weekend.



Watches Game of Thrones. *Rubs hands together.* “I knew it!”

Game of Thrones SPOILERS! 

Okay, you’ve been warned. (Highlight over the text for the spoilery bits)

Ever since Joffrey’s death, I’ve said Olenna Tyrell was behind it.

But I might have been a little too smug when I saw this scene in last week’s episode.

Check out the video behind the jump.

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And now…Action Bill! [Shakespeare Week]

actionbillShakespeare’s 450th birthday is this week, so I’m sharing some of my favorite Shakespeare-related things.

This video seemed to pop up everywhere last week. When I finally watched it, I knew I had to share it this week. It seems perfect for a Friday, so here it is.

Action Bill – A LEGO Stop Motion Short Film

I think this explains why Picard is one of my top two captains, and Kirk is much further down the list. 🙂

Before I go, I just have to say I LOVE Shakespeare’s Writer’s Block (I may need to take a screenshot to use as my desktop wallpaper).


Hope you enjoyed the posts this week! I had fun putting them together.

The most adorable Shakespeare lesson ever [Shakespeare Week]

Shakespeare’s 450th birthday is this week, so I’m sharing some of my favorite Shakespeare-related things.

Today is Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, so I’m sharing what might just be my favorite Shakespeare-related video of all time.

If you’ve been to my house, I’ve probably made you watch this video of Brian Cox teaching Hamlet’s soliloquy from Act III, Scene 1 to a toddler. I just love it and I could watch it forever. Enjoy!

Brian Cox Masterclass with Theo – YouTube


Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!

My 5(ish) favorite film versions of Shakespeare’s plays [Shakespeare Week]

 Shakespeare’s 450th birthday is this week, so I’m sharing some of my favorite Shakespeare-related things.

Today I’d like to share several of my favorite filmed versions of the plays (later I’ll share my favorites inspired by the plays). I’m counting these as five, even though technically I’ve included eight movies (see #3). These are not necessarily ranked in order. These made the list because they are my “go to” films, and to say one is better than the others would have been next to impossible.

1. Much Ado About Nothing (Directed by Kenneth Branagh)

I’ve loved this version since it came out. I’ve been a fan of Emma Thompson for years and I love her as Beatrice. This was the first film I ever saw Kate Beckinsale in.

Much Ado About Nothing (1993) Trailer – YouTube

2. Much Ado About Nothing (Directed by Joss Whedon)

It’s directed by Joss Whedon, what more do I need to say? Okay, it’s full of Wedonverse alums as well. I don’t think I need to say any more than that.

Much Ado About Nothing Official Trailer #1 (2013) – Joss Whedon Movie HD – YouTube

3. The Hollow Crown: Richard II, Henry IV Part I, Henry IV Part II and Henry V

I’m counting these four as one since I can’t really pick a favorite from among them. I hadn’t seen any performance of three of these before the BBC made this series. I had only seen Branagh’s Henry V. These are gorgeous productions, and have great casts (Tom Hiddleston, Jeremy Irons, and Michelle Dockery among others).

The Hollow Crown, Trailer | Great Performances | PBS – YouTube

4. A Midsummer Night’s Dream

If you watch this one for no other reason (though there are plenty), watch it for Kevin Kline’s portrayal of Bottom.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream 1999 Trailer YouTube – YouTube

5. Twelfth Night

This is one of my favorite plays, and this film continues to stand as my favorite version.

Trailer: Twelfth Night or what you will – YouTube

What are your favorites? Do you prefer Hamlet, whether Branagh’s version or Mel Gibson’s? Perhaps Olivier’s various Shakespearean films? Let me know in the comments.

Lauren Cooper recites Shakespeare for The Doctor [Shakespeare Week]


Shakespeare’s 450th birthday is this week, so I’m sharing some of my favorite Shakespeare-related things.

This is a video I’ve shared before on social media and my old blog, but I love it so I’m sharing it again here. Fans of Doctor Who, The Catherine Tate Show and Shakespeare can all find something to grin at in this one. It just gets better every time I see it.

Lauren Cooper and Doctor Who clash in class

If you want more goofiness from David Tennant and Catherine Tate, check out their appearance on The Graham Norton Show to promote them doing Much Ado About Nothing onstage in 2011. It’s worth watching the entire episode (I love Graham Norton) but I’ve queued the link to the part with them talking about the play.