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A pirate adventure (well, part of one) for Talk Like A Pirate Day


Arrr! Once again, it be Talk Like a Pirate Day, matey! I be havin’ some fine piratey videos to share with ye! These be a trilogy, but the final bit is yet to come! I’ll run up the flag when then third ship makes port! (Avast! Why do I overuse exclamation points when typing in pirate?)

Here be a playlist of the first two of th’ trilogy:

And the good cap’n has provided some videos with a wee bit about th’ other characters:

 I be wishin’ this were a full-length movie.

*Takes off pirate hat* Ahem. These are fun, but I feel I should make a comment here about internet advertising and why I ended up sharing all these videos.

I discovered this campaign when the second video from the trilogy played as a pre-roll ad on a YouTube a few weeks ago. Normally, I hit “Skip Ad” as quickly as possible on those things, but when everyone’s waiting for a signal from the hot captain on a pirate ship, you’ve got my attention (I don’t even remember what the video I was trying to watch was now). And then the story pulled me in so well, I had to track down the rest of the videos.

I can think of a lot of internet advertisers who should be paying attention to what Captain Morgan is doing with this campaign.  Pull me in with something in those first few seconds before “Skip Ad” pops up, then tell a story I can’t walk away from and I’ll remember your product as more than just that annoying thing that kept me from watching my video right away. Heck, I might even share it with others.

How about you? Any pirate-y thoughts for the day? Or, share any other advertising campaigns that have made you take notice (in a good way).

*Putting pirate hat back on* Arrr! Have a fine day, matey!