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No, I’d rather eat off the floor, thanks.

We feed our dogs in the kitchen, but apparently Missy doesn’t care for this arrangement. Most days she drags her bowl into the living room and dumps it on the carpet.
My best guess is that she does this to keep Quinn from eating her food, or at least to slow him down if he tries. She likes to eat slowly and if Quinn has already emptied his bowl, he’s likely to move on to hers if it’s still sitting there. If it’s spread out on the living room floor, he might eat a piece or two, but she still gets most of it.

Do your pets have odd quirks like this?

I want my blankie back!

Last weekend, I washed the random blankets that float around the living room, including Quinn’s favorite. He sat at the top of the stairs and whined until I finally gave in and followed him. I thought he was going to lead me to the back door to go out, but instead he went to the laundry room. He knew where his blanket was, and he wasn’t happy about it.

Video link

Once the blankets were washed and dried, he claimed them all before I could fold them:

2014-03-02 14.21.10
King of the Blanket Mountain