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Patrick Stewart does Shakespeare…on Sesame Street?

Apparently, this has been around for awhile (the video is from 2008), but I just recently discovered it. It’s been awhile since I’ve had any kids in the Sesame Street demographic in the house.

It’s a fun take on Hamlet’s soliloquy. Enjoy!

Sesame Street: Patrick Stewart Soliloquy on B


The most adorable Shakespeare lesson ever [Shakespeare Week]

Shakespeare’s 450th birthday is this week, so I’m sharing some of my favorite Shakespeare-related things.

Today is Shakespeare’s 450th birthday, so I’m sharing what might just be my favorite Shakespeare-related video of all time.

If you’ve been to my house, I’ve probably made you watch this video of Brian Cox teaching Hamlet’s soliloquy from Act III, Scene 1 to a toddler. I just love it and I could watch it forever. Enjoy!

Brian Cox Masterclass with Theo – YouTube


Happy Birthday, Shakespeare!