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Foodie weekend

I had a couple days off, which seems to have resulted in a long weekend full of food experiences.

Friday, a business near our house hosted La Casa‘s food truck. This is a pretty rare occurrence for us (or maybe it’s just rare that I’m both home and hearĀ about it) but when it happens, a voice in my head paraphrases Ghostbusters: “Ray, when there’s a food truck in your neighborhood, you go eat!”

2014-07-18 12.35.27

The pizza was yummy!

Saturday, I decided to try these corn dog mini muffins I saw on Pinterest. (This is me getting credit for “cooking” when it was really baking.) They turned out okay, though I think I may tweak them if I try them again. They were a bit bland, but hubby suggested trying them with brats instead of hot dogs next time. I’ll let you know if we ever do that.

2014-07-19 18.24.15

Sunday I made pancakes with some of the buttermilk left over from the muffins (actual cooking!) It was National Ice Cream Day, so we headed to Dairy Chef, the local ice cream shop. Hubby ordered the large cone:


There’s a reason they also handed him a bowl. On a hot day like Sunday, that tower didn’t hold up long. I’ve recently rediscovered chocolate malts so I had one of those instead of ice cream. Mmmm….maaaaaltssss.

Sunday evening, hubby made salsa (he can’t eat peppers, so he’s started making his own with corn and beans). I’m addicted to it. I think it’s the best salsa I’ve ever eaten.

2014-07-20 17.56.42

Okay, so I might be a leeetle biased.

But not much.

Then he made steak for dinner. Of course that was awesome, too.


Basically, it was a pretty good weekend, food-wise (and otherwise, it wasn’t bad, either).

Hope you had a great weekend with some great food, too!

Throwback Thursday: Wandering in Jane’s garden

Jane Austen’s House Museum posted this picture of Jane’s garden yesterday. I don’t think it’s too much to aim at making my backyard look similar. I’m not really hooked on the hedges, but those deep flower borders make me sigh.



The photo reminds me that when I visited England in 1996, this garden was one of the places that made me wish I had more time to just sit and soak it all in. Ā Here are few pictures of the garden I took then:

You can find more pictures of the house in my Flickr account.