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Happy Birthday, Bilbo & Frodo!

It’s Hobbit Day!

I’ll tell you what, Tolkien fans are some creative people. From these gender-swapped characters:

(via The Mary Sue)

…to this miniature hobbit hole created by Maddie Chambers/Brindley:

I just can’t believe the detail in this. Check out her blog to see close-up shots of all the rooms. The pantry blows me away! (Via Pinterest)

…to this Hobbit Hole Trailer:

Click through to see the progression of the build. This isn’t a modified teardrop, as I first assumed, but built from scratch by the owner. (Also via The Mary Sue – they find all the best stuff!)

I’m amazed and inspired by all this creativity. In fact, I think it’s given me some ideas…

Sometimes your brain is trying to tell you something #Coffee #YouShouldBeWriting


I pinned these on Pinterest hours apart, but they ended up together like this on Facebook. I guess my brain was still in the same mode.
Screen Capture


If you’re interested, the “Writer” definition is here. The cup is here.
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